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About Us

We are committed to offering reliable and environment-friendly solutions for efficient implementation. Our goal is to provide our customers with credible and sustainable options that ensure optimal deployment, supported by top-notch implementation services and ongoing maintenance support.

We prioritize trust and long-term partnerships, continuously striving for knowledge and improvement to deliver the highest availability and the lowest carbon footprint in our solutions.





We are the member of
Sama Group of companies based in KSA. 

SAMA Construction for Trading & Contracting Co.

Welcome to SAMA Construction for Trading & Contracting Co., your trusted partner for construction and trading solutions in Saudi Arabia. With a strong legacy of excellence and a commitment to quality, we take pride in being a leading player in the construction and trading industry.

At SAMA Construction for Trading & Contracting Co, we are a team of dedicated professionals, including engineers, architects, project managers, and skilled craftsmen, united by a common passion for delivering exceptional results. With years of experience in the industry, we have successfully executed a diverse range of projects across various sectors, earning us a reputation for reliability and expertise.


Our Mission

At TechSphere, our commitment lies in offering trustworthy and eco-friendly answers for effective implementation. We recognize the significance of dependable and environmentally aware methods in the contemporary era. This is why we put in additional effort to provide our clients with solutions that not only fulfill their requirements but also match their principles.

Our Vision

At TechSphere, we envision becoming the foremost source of data center management services, establishing the benchmark for exceptional performance within the sector. Our goal is to transform the approach organizations take to oversee and enhance their data center infrastructure, enabling them to unlock the complete capabilities of their data, all while guaranteeing the highest levels of dependability, safety, and effectiveness.


Shariq Jamal

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Shariq Jamil has graduated in Electrical Engineering and possesses Master of Business Administration.

Extensive background in initiating business ventures, crafting business strategies, and overseeing Project Management, coupled with consultancy prowess in MEP. Specialization spans Digital Technologies like Network and Collaboration, Platform Solutions, Mobility, Cloud Technologies, Big Data, IoT & AI, Data Management, Governance, Hyper-automation, OSP/ISP, Security and Surveillance, Data Center physical infrastructure, Solar, and post-project care.

Proficiency includes business acquisition, due diligence, devising strategies for enhancing business development, and forming improvement plans. Proficient in orchestrating Design and Build Turnkey projects, project management, cultivating relationships, strategic management, consultancy services, and negotiating contracts.

A fervent advocate for initiatives promoting Low Carbon practices, while addressing the challenges stemming from dwindling fossil fuel reserves, climate change, and environmental stewardship. Throughout his professional trajectory, he has been deeply committed to the domain of Data Center Physical Infrastructure. His adeptness centers on Power Quality, with a specific emphasis on diminishing Harmonics, particularly within the context of Data Centers and other systems operating at low voltage levels. He also possesses specialized proficiency in Electrical grounding and safeguarding against power surges. Shariq stands as a fervent champion of endeavors directed at curbing carbon emissions, addressing challenges posed by depleting fossil fuel reservoirs, confronting climate change, and fostering environmental guardianship. Moreover, Shariq is an active freelance writer, having authored papers that illuminate the fundamental principles and comprehension of diverse components inherent to the physical infrastructure of Data Centers, including aspects related to Power and Cooling.

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